Serverinfo of the |eGo|-Clan

  Posted by |eGo|L.Icepick - June 2017

The Nolfserver is in Bonn, Germany ().

Current Online Status:
On you can check the online status of all NOLF-Servers, including our |eGo|-Servers.
|eGo|Europe Servers are online in the weekends (friday to tuesday).

Internet Connection & Hardware
Our NOLF-Servers are running on a dedicated Windows XP computer with an Intel Dual-Core T5500 @ 1,66 GHz and with 1,5GB of RAM (when being idle windows + 3 nolf servers eat about 700MB of RAM and the CPU is at 1-5% usage)

  CPU Type Speed RAM Internet #MB/S
Nolf Game Requirements. Pentium II 300 MHZ 64MB 0.512 Mbit/s 0.008 MB/s
Capacity available Intel Core Duo 1,66 GHz 1,5 GB 66 Mbit/s
96 Mbit/s
8.3 MB/s down
12 MB/s up
Due to the energiebill of the server, I keep it online when most people play: in the weekend. During the week he is online upon request.
The dedicated computer is connected to the network of the University of Bonn. It has a ping of 5ms to Cologne and 8ms to Munich.

An Overview of different speeds / Internet requirements of No One Lives Forever 1 NOLF-Server
Nolf Server requirements tested in real world conditions   normal game (10ppl) Map-change
normal game (12ppl) map-change (12ppl) normal game (16ppl) map-change (16ppl) Max.Speed
Max Speed
MB from RAM
down 3-8
10-15 KB/s  35
8323 KB/s 8.3 MB/s 49 MB
up 60-80 KB/s 80-100
100-120 KB/s 120-140 KB/s 190-245
12087 KB/s 12 MB/s
At least you need 335 KB/s as upload speed to assure lagfree gaming.

A bit of server history:
From 2006 till 2012 we had a rented Windows Server 2003 server located in Frankfurt, Germany. With a connection of 13 MB/s down and 9 MB/s up - which was really enough for NOLF, Counterstrike 1.6 and Teamspeak2 and some Websites. However it was a way too expensive to pay every month 27 (~34 $) do I decided to take it down...

Greetz (<-US) / Groetjes (<-NL) / Gre (<GE)