10:27 17.06.2017
:ailme: :ailme: :ailme: :ailme: :ailme: :ailme: :sadist2: :sadist2: :sadist2: :sadist2: :sadist2: :sadist2: :sadist2:
[Edit by Icepick: I reduced the beloved Kekse-Biscuits, there were to many crumbs :D ]
13:49 16.06.2017
Hey there, I updated the page! You can still play nolf online, and there are still servers. Click above on the button "How to play..." I have written some kind of manual how make play nolf in windows 10.

People meet each other on Saturdays + Sundays!
19:10 25.11.2016
Manu Arata
Any server for play nolf? :D
21:03 23.10.2016
Die zeit war früher sehr schön
15:47 14.10.2016
Hey yo Modesty

whats up?! Miss the good old times! We all grew older I guess :cool: :cool:
10:57 18.07.2016
Haha :'D ist zu lustig :D
10:56 18.07.2016
:kotz: bin gerade Ailme besuchen und wir gucken uns den scheiß an den Dragon immer geschrieben hat und immer noch schreibt :lol: :sadist2: :sadist2: war eine schöne Zeit damals :freu: :kotz: :ailme:
06:30 21.06.2016
kurt or sniper or something
miss you guys. so many fond memories playing nolf with eGo throughout my childhood. just reloaded nolf
08:32 05.06.2016
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