13:45 14.01.2016
Hi Austin, drop me an email and I'll install nolf and play at some point - steven_hughes1@hot mail.com
00:47 14.01.2016
just me
yea, me xD
15:56 07.01.2016
any servers open nowadays? Would join you for a fungame as well ;)
01:59 01.01.2016
Just wanted to wish you all a happy new year.
Maybe there are a few NOLF-matches in 2016?

Maybe - if you read this Icepick - you could organize a few games? ;)

Best wishes - hope to see you soon.
13:31 31.12.2015
Hay there, the site is still up? amazing. maybe i'll install NOLF in 2016 and play a round or two :)
18:42 21.11.2015
What's up guys! Anyone still playing nolf nowadays? ;)

15:43 13.05.2015
is anyone still playing?
00:55 01.04.2015
Hey guys whats up? Looks like the page is a bit fucked up right? Unfortunalety I am no longer able to play NOLF because of a system update but maybe in the future we'll see us again online!
So how is it going in NOLF? Is there still somebody playing?
Miss the great time with you guys! Bye!
07:26 24.03.2015
sac a main bottega veneta
Vancouver producer raises eyebrows with show about
[url=http://nashvi lleblues.net/scrip ts/chanel/41a76/te OV/]sac a main bottega veneta[/url]
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