10:57 18.07.2016
Haha :'D ist zu lustig :D
10:56 18.07.2016
:kotz: bin gerade Ailme besuchen und wir gucken uns den scheiß an den Dragon immer geschrieben hat und immer noch schreibt :lol: :sadist2: :sadist2: war eine schöne Zeit damals :freu: :kotz: :ailme:
06:30 21.06.2016
kurt or sniper or something
miss you guys. so many fond memories playing nolf with eGo throughout my childhood. just reloaded nolf
08:32 05.06.2016
00:48 03.04.2016
14:07 24.02.2016
Woow is that AustinP typing? How are you doing man? :)

Lets get a euro-server up and running for some nostalgia action. I miss the epic 07HYDRO_AM Geldmacher duels. :cool:
16:31 18.02.2016
[url]https://www.f acebook.com/groups /187139434717447/[ /url]
01:54 11.02.2016
Hey Mythix hey dragon nice to see ur still around!

Ill drop u an email once in a while;)
23:46 18.01.2016
Just started the game, sad to see the whole servers are empty...
I hope we are able to play in 2016 a few games old times' sake.

There is also a problem with the masterserver. ItsMe posted a solution in the UnityHQ forums. For those guys which dont want to search for it: Homepage

I am going to launch NOLF the next days a few times to look if there are any players online, maybe we'll meet ingame ;)

Nice week to all of you! :)
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