14:58 22.04.2024
Yeah it is indeed turning into some sort of blog or newssite. Unintentionally I have to say, because spawnsite.net is the NOLF newssite. But I'm happy to do my part here :cool:
15:46 17.04.2024
Great blog entry for April, well done. Always a pleasure checking in frequently.
17:47 16.03.2024
Vostroyan55th, wonderful to see your expanded review on the eGo website! Congrats!!! (P.S. I love "Trouble in the Tropics" too! :D )
14:38 14.03.2024
What an awesome review, Vos! :great: Cate Archer is back indeed!!!
15:10 13.03.2024
Great review by Vostroyan55th! So glad NOLF is very much alive! It's not like the good old days obviously, but what we have is GOLD. Love it.
21:56 12.01.2024
Couldn't agree more. Very glad to see this community much alive!
23:15 04.01.2024
Groovy website update, Icepick! The icons for "News", "Members", etc. are super fun, and how you included "photos" of the clan members. I just read about the creation history of eGo in chem class!...but I'm shocked the other founders didn't last very long?? :o And happy new year! (2023 sure was a great year---NOLF was revived!)
17:15 02.01.2024
Very glad to see this website. In the middle of downloading. Will play soon!
01:17 24.12.2023
:friendlydiscuss: :friendlydiscuss:
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