23:58 21.08.2021
Lobelia / Lobi
Missing nolf!!! hope yall doing well! x
18:44 25.07.2021
I know it took me a while to check this site again :D But if you guys want to play NOLF some time, I'm down!! :uzi:
07:13 23.01.2021
this is amazing seeing what features the modernizer mod added.....if i'm not mistaken they added the debug console drop down back in this too?! This means my co-op mod i uploaded years ago can finally have a working soundtrack! who's up to try? :lol:
22:48 21.12.2020
Oooh wie nostalgisch - wohl eine der letzten Shoutboxes hier. :))
Habe tolle Erinnerungen an euch alle, vielen Dank dafür. Wünsche euch allen ne schöne Weihnachtszeit und wer weiss, auf ein ander Mal irgendwo! Spätestens im NOLF-Himmel ;P :monkey:
00:43 09.12.2020
|SwE|Divil aka Dark Lord
Greetings old Nolfers :cool:
Long time no see. Well I miss you all ( Icepick included) :D
21:10 30.07.2020
Hello all! NOLF'er here from the early days (2002), Just found this website and updated my game files with the modernizer and see the multiplayer servers! Woooooo!
20:58 25.06.2020
23:00 20.04.2020
Hellooo! :great: Looking forward to play nolf with all of you again :)
18:33 27.03.2020
es ist so schön euch wieder zu sehen! Its so nice to see you again! Rambo, Alien, and Dancer: a lot of people returned in the past days/weeks, some peole from JAG returned!
See you all online!!
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