The |eGo| Clan was found in 24Oct 2005 Actually we are playing the game
No One Lives Forever 1; a very old Ego-Shooter game.
In earlier times we played also CS 1.6, ET and UT2004.

We are a german clan (the leader |eGo|L.Icepick speaks also Dutch), but our general language is in English.
You can contact Icepick via facebook or look into the No One Lives Forever group on Facebook
Playing for fun

  Posted by |eGo|L.Icepick - October 2017

Hello to all NOLF-Players

Nolf is not quite finished yet, they may shutdown the master server, but that won't stop us. 

We're still alive
Only a few players are left in NOLF 1, but the ones who are still playing it do play it with more passion and love to the game than ever.

|eGo| plays every saturday + sunday at 09:00pm Germany / 03:00pm New York

Nowadays it is not so much about competition anymore, it's more about playing it for fun, joy - not specifically for a clan anymore (although (JAG) & |eGo| are the only clans active playing). I keep this internetpage online to distribute the maps & game & tutorials.
Join the facebook group to stay in touch with other players

How to connect to NOLF-Servers - I recommend the "OneOakWay" method. 
Nolf Server #1 IP: (Deathmatch)
Nolf Server #2 IP: (Harm vs Unity)
Nolf Server #3  IP:  (Anti-Cheat-Nolfplus v1.007, see downloads section)
Teamspeak 3 Server:

See all Nolf Servers without starting the game on


How does Nolf Multiplayer looks alike? See here compilation of different maps: