01:01 05.05.2019
Wie könnte man denn das Spiel noch spielen , denn bei uns ging das irgendwie nicht so wirklich :( .
22:15 12.04.2019
Na alle zusammen , ich vermisse oft die guten guten Zeiten, war echt ein schönes Spiel gewesen.
Was ist aus euch allen geworden? Und wie geht es euch?Grüße Jasmin.
05:07 07.02.2019
Hiya guys, anyone know why I cant join the oneoakway server? Get the error message -

Missing File - Rocket_ Sickness_DM.dat

I have all the custom maps from the server and it doesnt seem to matter what map is currently playing on the server I always get that message :/

Tried connecting to the ego server and that seems to work fine.
16:01 03.01.2019
I moved ego-clan .com to a new webhoster, cheaper price and bigger storage. I will soon upload the original Nolf CD in english and german on our webpage. No crappy service anymore!
Ego-clan .net stayed at our old webhoster, and will be deleted at 24th Feb 2019 .
Nolf will continue :uzi:
15:38 07.12.2018
Still playing nolf? See you saturdays
23:15 24.11.2018
14:24 18.11.2018
:freu: :freu: :freu: :freu: :freu: :freu: :freu: :freu: :freu: :freu: :freu: :freu: :freu: :freu: :freu: :freu: :freu: :freu:
13:05 21.09.2018
10:44 18.08.2018
During the heat / exam period in summer I cant play on saturdays. Medio September I will back
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