10:04 16.10.2018
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First-round draft pick D.J. Humphries, subject of much criticism by Arians for his inconsistency and effort, will get some work at left tackle this week after playing exclusively at right tackle up to this point.
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01:37 13.10.2018
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??innesota re-signed DT Tom Johnson, who had 6 1-2 sacks in 2014, and added QB Shaun Hill to back up Teddy Bridgewater.
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13:05 21.09.2018
10:44 18.08.2018
During the heat / exam period in summer I cant play on saturdays. Medio September I will back
15:09 19.06.2018
:ballon: :birthday: :confused:
23:55 17.03.2018
Unfortunatly our Servers crashed, I will get the chance on 1st april to restart the server. Until then we meet on saturdays in the OldSchoolServer from oneoakway.
23:15 06.03.2018
Hoho, Ihr benutzt die "Knusperleicht". Habt Ihr eventuell für mich die Shoutbox-Dateien um sie zu installieren? Knusperleicht liegt ja nun schon eine Weile brach und ob sich da mal wieder was tut ist wohl eher unwahrscheinlich. Würde mich sehr freuen von Euch zu hören. Bin unter webmaster ät the-four-aces.de erreichbar.
00:59 02.01.2018
Past weeks not so many people were online because of christmas shopping stress :)
New year, and everyone is back
00:38 17.12.2017
when do u guys and gals get online to play? im in the server right now, its empty
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